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Geothermal Energy


Heatlinq’s purpose is to provide future generations with affordable and 100% safe access to the earth’s unlimited carbon neutral energy supply.

Heatlinq wants to lead and facilitate the urgently needed transition path to a fully sustainable carbon neutral global energy supply. Heatlinq invests in innovations that connect new ideas to proven technologies. Revitalising stranded assets capitalising on existing infrastructure.

We combine the knowledge and capital of the drilling industry with innovations that enable them to drill deeper to acces higher temperatures capable of driving traditional turbines. We provide solutions for the global energy transition while creating vast new opportunities for fossil based industries.


We invest in energy without CO2 emissions

No fracking, completely closed circuit

The cheapest and safest energy source for the future

Make smart use of existing infrastructure

The cheapest and safest energy source

We bring a carbon-free future for all

Heatlinq will invest in the 10 most innovative and impactful companies in the field of ultra-deep geothermal energy.

Companies that have the potential to develop applications that help solve the world’s most pressing climate and environmental challenges. Heatlinq is convinced that Ultra Deep Geothermal technology is the key to solving the energy problem.

In addition to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy, geothermal energy is the perfect solution. The reliability of ultra-deep geothermal energy as an infinite source is enormous.

It is renewable and inexhaustible. Moreover, geothermal energy is weather independent and can run 24 hours a day.

In this way, fluctuations of other renewable energy sources are supplemented.  Another major advantage is that geothermal energy can be used worldwide and is very stable as a source. Once installed, ultra-deep geothermal energy is completely free of greenhouse gases and pollution. 

Climate Neutral Energy Production 

Smart use of infrastructure

Current dirty energy infrastructure

Heatlinq clean energy infrastructure

By adding heatlinqs, we make smart use of the existing infrastructure like the existing electricity network.


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